Car Alarms

Your car should always have a car alarm, especially if you have an expensive stereo system or GPS navigation system in your car. Moreover, the security of your car is not something you should take lightly. While there are cheap options, the quality of these products are significantly inferior to those which are more expensive but worthwhile. High quality car alarms will usually run around a couple hundred dollars and they offer several features and services. In addition, car alarms may earn you an insurance discount.

There are two ways a car alarm is set in motion, active and passive. Passive alarms activate when the ignition is off and all the car doors have been shut. However the driver must press a button or enter a code to turn an active alarm on.

When buying a car alarm, it is important to consider which features best fit you and your car. A car alarm can offer:

  • Sirens and Air Horns: Loud devices which are used to impede the thief and draw attention to the car.
  • Active Re-arm: After the alarm has been disarmed, the system will automatically re-arm after a specified amount of time if a door is not opened. This is to prevent accidental disarming by the remote transmitter.
  • Strobes and Flashing Lights: Lights that are used to bring attention to the car when an attempt to steal it has occurred.
  • Ignition/Starter Kill: Turns the ignition and engine off when the alarm is activated.
  • Microwave Detectors and Zones: Sensors which go off when an area around the car has been breached while the alarm is armed.
  • Window Roll-up Module: Rolls the windows up when an alarm is armed.
  • Carjack Protection: Turns the engine to turn off and causes the siren to blare when the car is taken from the owner of the car.
  • Tracking: Allows the vehicle to be tracked in the event of theft.

At Unique Sounds & Auto Accessories, we stock and service a wide range of car alarm and keyless entry products, including:

  • Viper
  • Clifford
  • Audiovox
  • AutoPage
  • Prestige
  • Code Alarm

Auto vehicle security systems have sensors throughout the car. Whether the door is opened, a window is broken or even if someone attempts to jack to car to take the tires, the alarm will sound and you will be alerted immediately. With so many different aftermarket alarms available, we looked at all the best manufacturers, feature sets and designs. We also compare car alarm systems: how they performed and the range of the remotes to find the best security features to fit exactly what you are looking for.


We look at all the different options that are included with the car alarms. We look for features like keyless entry, trunk release and starter-kill options. The remote start option is one of the most useful functions.

The car alarm remote can start your car from hundreds of feet away. The air conditioner or heater will turn on and help make the car more comfortable when it is extremely hot or cold outside. The engine will run for a predetermined amount of time before shutting off and, unless a key is inserted into the ignition, the car cannot be put into gear without the engine turning off.


We review how well each car security system feature works. We look at the advertized and actual ranges of the remotes. We also review how easy it is to use the remote and perform all the different functions.

Help & Support

We test and review all the customer support options offered by the manufacturers. We list all the different avenues for obtaining support and we report on the car alarm warranties and the usefulness of the user manuals included with the products.